15th Anniversary Year!
January 2006

10 Camp Pitfalls You Can Avoid
You might think that the worst camp mistake you could make is missing registration. However, according to local camp administrators, most of the biggest parental boo-boos take place after camp has started.

Matching Kids With Camps
Leslie Ausburn’s 8-year-old son went to sleep-away camp last summer. Although initially nervous, he had a fabulous time. His counselors say he was a leader in his cabin.

The New Tone in Physical Education
The new physical education does more than make PE fun. “The essential difference is it’s about lifetime fitness and wellness,” says John Ray, physical education specialist for the Delaware Department of Education.

2006 Camp Fairs
Camp fairs offer the chance to talk personally to representatives from dozens of camps. Bring your kids and your questions to one of these free events, and you’re bound to come away with sharpened choices and expanded possibilities.

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Body Wise
Being active comes naturally to Alexander Bruni. When he’s not playing soccer, karate or T-ball, the 5-year-old is at the park with his dad, kicking balls around, playing tag or hitting a few baseballs. While they’re having fun together, Paul Bruni says he’s also teaching Alexander a valuable lesson: Exercise is fun, and it’s an important part of daily life.

Book Beat
There are as many biographies as there are people in the world, but only certain biographies get written by others, and only some of those are written with any frequency.

Eye on Nature
This winter you and your kids can experience nature both outdoors and indoors. Plenty of Delaware Valley nature activities can keep you going all winter. Here are just a few:

Guest Educator
Statistics show that some students with learning disabilities benefit more when placed in an inclusive program than when in a self-contained special education class.

What could be better than an infant who hasn’t developed language skills yet being able to communicate with his parents? Today many children can do just that because their parents are teaching them sign language.

New this year in MetroKids, Kids‘NCare will provide monthly insights into the care and feeding of toddlers and preschool kids, especially from the perspectives of day care providers and early educators

Mother Proof
This month MetroKids introduces Mother Proof, providing useful and entertaining new car reviews. Founder Kristin Varela and her cohorts’ innovative critiques are straightforward and casual, written from one woman to another.

Sound Off!
I hope it’s not too early to declare a best album of 2006, because the latest effort from Paul Reisler’s Kid Pan Alley project blows away all future competition. This Nashville-flavored collaborative delight boasts production by Fred Bogert, whose work with Trout Fishing in America is the thing of legends.

Finding quality resources for addressing the needs of children with special needs is often difficult. It’s not uncommon to search on the Internet, but the online world can be difficult to navigate. How do we distinguish the good from the bad, the current from the outdated, accepted therapies from dubious “cures”?

Techno Family
As computers become increasingly integrated into children’s lives, both in the classroom and in the home, more parents have begun to understand that the Internet is a virtual frontier, offering both opportunities and risks.

Woman First
What happens when you have the same argument over and over and over again? Or you start to feel numb, despondent or lonely in your marriage? Or worse yet, things have turned abusive?

Educators, camp directors, child care directors and planners. Limited quantities of MetroKids Educators Edition are available.