2009 Kids Pop-Up Books

Picture Books for Children

Art and Music Books
Can Inspire

A Lift from Dr. Seuss

A Head Start on Getting Smart

Lincoln and Obama

2008 Summer Reading
The Horn Book's list of best summer books for kids published in the past 12 months, sorted by age and type of book.

Groundbreaking Women
Books about woman pioneers demonstrate how far and fast women have risen.

Poetry Month: A Time To Celebrate Nature
Reviews of kids' poetry books about nature subjects.

All Manner of Manners
Children’s etiquette books take widely varied approaches in teaching kids their Ps & Qs.

Picture Book Stories for
Summer Days
Here is a buffet of choices for children and parents to sample as they read away these bright summer afternoons.

Picturing Our World
Non-fiction picture books can feed children’s unquenchable curiosity.

Summer Explorationst
If the summer is good for exploring the byways of curious reading

Reference Books Kids Will Enjoy Reading
Kids' reference books are not necessarily huge tomes that just lie on the shelf. These selections are fun to read, writes reviewer Frank Lipsius.

Portraits of the Arts
Frank Lipsius reviews family-friendly books on the creative arts and artists.

For Your Eyes Only
The best new graphic novels, from Dumbo to Hamlet.

Book Beat: Pop-Ups
New pop-up books feature an old technology: strings.

Tabs and Flaps Take on
New Dimensions

February Favorites: Presidents and Black History
Frank Lipsius reviews kids books about presidents and African American History.

Women’s Stories

Local Kids’ Authors

Great Summer Reading:
A 79-Book List, by Age

Pop-up Books

Graphic Novels Pack Impact