Los Lobos and Bubboon’s Tunes

2009's Best Kids' Music

A Winner from Yosi
And the Superdads

Exercise with Rock

One of the Best Family CDs Ever!

Neal Sedaka for Kids

A New Years Milkshake
Reviews of Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl, John Hadfield and Rebecca Pitre

Ernie & Neal: Music To Rock By
CDs by Ernie & Neal, the Candy Band and Uncle Monkey are reviewed.

Zanes and Harley Deserve Grammies
Kathy O'Connell heartily endorses Grammy wins by Dan Zanes and Bill Harley.

A Prince Among Mice
Kathy O'Connell says the soundtrack for Disney Channel’s movie Jump In! is like an urban audience's High School Musical.

Tunes for Travelin’
This month’s collection of family CDs includes travelin’ music for car-cramped families.

Fast, Funny and Funky
First and second graders say kids music should be fast, funny and funky. Roger Day’s Dream Big fits the bill.

A Family’s Family CD
In their new Family Album CD

Tunes for Little Ones
Kathy O'Connell reviews CDs by the Hipwaders, Rocknoceros and Joe McDermott in the Sept. 2007 MetroKids.

Songs of Friendship
Kathy O'Connell reviews new children's music from The Dream Jam Band, Ellen and Matt, and Putumayo Kids

Sweet Honey Matures
Kathy O’Connell reviews new CDs by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Miss Amy and Buck Howdy.

Sound Off!: Recess Monkey
Beatles-influenced Recess Monkey's Wonderstuff is its “White Album.”

Magic Dragon Returns
Kathy O’Connell reviews CDs for kids.

Exotic Hawaiian Romp
Kathy O’Connell reviews Hawaiian music from Putumayo Kids, as well as High School Musical 2 and Renee & Jeremy’s It’s a Big World.

A Sweet Little Band

Justin Roberts: Brilliant

Ralph’s World Gets Silly

A Family Rock Winner

A Bright, Young Sound