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Acting and Performing
TV Blockbusters Spur Interest in Performing
In the wake of TV mega-hits such as American Idol and High School Musical, modeling and performing arts instructors report an upsurge in interest.

Art: A Large Palette of Benefits
Fun and entertaining, art classes and activities improve coordination, build confidence and increases knowledge.

These Kids Are Cookin’!
Today’s junior chefs are eagerly “kicking it up a notch” in cooking classes designed just for them

Dance Trends: Hip-Hop and Modern
In many dance classes, kids are trading ballet shoes for sneakers as hip-hop and modern dance gain interest. Attracting boys to the classes remains a problem.

Horseback Riding
It's More than Horsing Around
Horseback riding offers kids exercise, balance and coordination and a 6-foot friend. Here's a listing of Delaware Valley horse riding and lesson providers.

Ice Skating
Olympics Spur Skating interest
Delaware Valley ice skating rinks benefit from the Winter Olympics. Plus: Flyers' star Jeff Carter offerice advice to kids.