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2009-2010 Independent School Survey
Tuition, enrollment and many other facts
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Teacher Trouble Solutions

The Merit Pay Debate

8 Steps to Eentary Success

College Admission Pitfalls

School Health Checklist

Which Class Fits Your Child?

Skill Sharpeners, by Age

AP Success Can Mean Savings

Help Your Child Be a Spelling Ace

Math Course Calculations

Science Put To the Test
How has standardized
testing affected area schools?

How to Take Great Notes

Summer Skill Sharpeners
Unless you include skill-sharpening activities like these in your kids’ summer routines, they are likely to lose some of the knowledge they worked so hard to acquire during the school year.

Offering Equal Challenges

Ability Grouping: Beyond Labels

Going Green: A Tale of 2 Schools

Spring Break: The Time ToVisit Colleges
High school spring break is the best time for prospective students to visit colleges, which are usually in full swing.

Do Math Every Day
Number activities can be fun and build skills.

A Buffet of Helpful Homeschool Resources
A Delaware Valley resources guide.

Art Is More Than You MIght Picture
Fun art activities also build skills.

Too Much Homework?
Maybe, but before talking to the teacher, look deeper.

Math Makes a Good Read
Children's books can give kids a human perspective on math and help them to reason mathematically.

Help Your Child Enjoy Writing at Home
To encourage writing, there are many simple and fun word games you can play with your child in the car, at meals, or any time you're just hanging out.

Homework Websites
With these websites, homework assistance is often only a click away.

Questions for Your Child’s New Teacher

7 Questions for Your Child’s New Teacher
Whether it’s at a back-to-school meeting or your first parent conference, you’ll have limited time with your child’s new teacher.

School Supply Shopping

Summer Fun Can Keep Skills Sharp
We can keep kids’ skills fresh over the summer with academic reinforcement disguised as summer fun and games.

Next Year’s Teacher
Look at whether or not you really need to request a certain teacher for next year. If so, here’s how to go about it.

The Power of Poetry
One of the most effective yet often overlooked tools for increasing children’s reading and writing skills is poetry.

Aliterates’: Kids Who Can Read, But Don’t
More Americans can read than ever, yet we just don’t read as much as we used to. Here are way to encourage the reading habit

When Achievement Doesn’t Match IQ
Your child is bright, yet has trouble learning at school. Here's what to do.

Kindergarten ‘Redshirting’
Guest Educator Susan M. Poglinco, is executive director of the WHYY Children’s Service, discusses the decision to enroll a 5-year-old in kindergarten or hold him back an extra year.

Westtown School
Grades 11-12 Boarding
PreK-8 Day
Grades 9-10 Day & Boarding
Westtown, PA

Pennsylvania Virtual
Charter School

Friends Central
Pre-K through Grade 12
Wynnewood, PA

Camphill Special School