Influence School Lunches

Fiber’s Many Benefits

Michelle Obama’s Agenda

Kids’ Vegetable Gardens

School Cafeteria Trends

Some Food Fats Are Friendly

Fortified Foods:
Too Much of a Good Thing?

In the grocery store, you find "regular" OJ and others with calcium and vitamin D, fiber or Omega3s. OJ is one of many fortified food decisions parents face. Which have value?

Cholesterol and Kids
The latest medical research shows coronary artery disease has its roots in childhood and it’s now thought that high cholesterol in kids is a major underreported public health problem.

Pyramid Schemes: How to Make Unpopular Food Groups Attractive
Small increases in the amount of fruits, vegetables, and dairy that children eat could lead to big improvements in the quality of children’s diets. Here are ideas for how to get your children to eat more of those foods.

Pregnancy Provides a Path to Healthy Eating
By harnessing the dietary demands of pregrancy, women can launch permanent, positive changes.

Daughter See, Daughter Do
Studies show daughters often model mom’s nutrition habits.

Berry Basics
Colorful, delicious fruits have many health benefits. Fresh berries are bursting with nutrients. Here’s why we love them and what to look for.

20 Fast, Healthy Snacks
Who said snacks can’t be healthy? August is a great time to review your kids’ snacks before school begins, making sure they are nutritious.

Cereal: the Beneficial ‘Breakfast-in-a-Box’
Chosen wisely, cereal is a low-fat, low-calorie breakfast choice that offers many health benefits.

Skin Care for Busy Moms

Probiotics: Beneficial Bugs Gain U.S. Foothold
Probiotics, beneficial bacteria that promote healthy digestion and reduce the growth of harmful microorganisms, increasingly are being added to U.S. food products.

With focus, you can avoid seasonal weight gain.

Straightening Out 4 Nutrition Brain-Benders
Dietitian Althea Zanecosky makes sense of conflicting information.

Body Wise
Celiac disease, a dangerous reaction to gluten, goes 97% undetected.

New Food Fact Labels

On Our Plates for 2009