The Family Find-It Book is an annual publication designed to help you find the very best family-related services in the Delaware Valley. Unlike a phone book, it includes web addresses whenever available.

The book features the region's leading cultural institutions, other family-friendly venues, camps, after school classes and activities. A "Blue Pages" lists important emergency and resource phone numbers and websites.

SpecialKids is an annual resource directory for parents and caregivers of children with special needs in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Our objective is to direct readers to local and national schools, medical facilities, organizations, agencies, and businesses that best meet their special needs.

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Published in April, Kids'NCare is an annual guide to childcare services in the Delaware Valley. Its goal is to provide parents with the latest information on the childcare options and after-school programs available for children throughout the region.

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Educator’s Edition — a comprehensive resource guide designed to help teachers and group leaders plan educational and interesting field trips and enrichment pograms utilizing the region’s numerous cultural, historical and natural venues.

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