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6 Diet and Fitness Traps
You exercise and avoid food binters, but your scale won't budget. What's the problem? Hidden habits or mental mistakes could be sabotaging your efforts.

Post Partum Depression
Postpartum depression screening & physician education are taking hold, as legislators and medical leaders seek to identify this "very treatable condition" early.

Stroller Fitness
Exercise programs for mom and baby aren't just a walk in the park.

Take a Hike!
There’s no better time of the year to gather the family and go hiking. Keep this list of tips handy for a happy hike.

Partnerships Extend Children’s Hospitals’ Reach
More and more Philadelphia-area hospitals are partnering with children’s hospitals to offer care and services to kids.

Male Menopuase: More than a Myth
Is there such a thing as menopause? Experts say yes, sort of.

Scar Power: New over-the-counter remedies make skin wounds fade.
If your child develops a scar, new over-the-counter treatments can help.

Egg Donation: Rigors & Rewards
Be prepared for questions, tests, shots and surgery.

Rx for School Medication Safety
If your child must take prescription medication while at school, it's important that you, your child's doctor and your school nurse work together to ensure success, because mistakes do occur.

Sick, but Too Sick for School?
Your child is sick, but too sick to go to school? Here's advice from Cheryl Hausman, MD, a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

You Need to Gain Support While Losing Pounts
When losing weight, you need the support of those closest to you. These strategies will help keep everyone on your side.

Should You Insist on a Mercury-Free Flu Shot?
Pediatrician Robert W. Sears details flu vaccine pros and cons.

Woman First: 4 Stress Rxes
Stress comes in four styles. Here are remedies for each

Deadly Meningitis: Often Preventable

Are Your Kids Begging for Braces?
Thanks to a variety of high-tech and trendy options now available, parents may be surprised to find their kids begging for braces.

Navigating Your Baby’s Language Labyrinth
Here’s how babies learn to speak and how to recognize signs of speech delay.

Heart-Healthy Tips for Busy Women
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among U.S. Women. Here are ways to improve your heart health.

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