Essay Winners Relate Best Camp Memories

An all-night fun fest, a floating “rodeo” and firing colonial-style clay plates in a kiln — all were unforgettable summer camp experiences, say the winners in our kids’ essay contest.

Each will receive a Franklin Institute membership, event tickets and other goodies. Thanks to all the kids who sent in essays. Here’s how the winners answered our challenge to describe “what I’ll never forget about camp last summer”:

Lyndie Moe, age 9, Newark, DE
Limestone Hills Day School Summer Fun Camp

There were so many fun things that I did at camp. The first one is called “Overnight.” It’s so cool! You stay up all night and do really fun stuff!

We start the night with outside relays and games. You find your team and the fun begins. In one game the teacher throws out candy, but you can not pick it up. You can only oink (or make any animal sound!) until the “captain” picks it up!

At 12:00 a.m., we go on a midnight walk. Our counselor gives us glow-sticks and its really awesome. Then we go inside and eat s’mores, and stay up until 6:00 a.m.
Another fun thing to do is called Gunk Your Counselor Day. You get spaghetti, silly string and whip cream to throw at your counselor, but be aware: They throw it back!
And I almost forgot, we have an end-of-summer celebration called Family Fun Night. Your family and friends can come out and there is a DJ, prizes, moon bounces, rides, cotton candy and snow contes.

The sad thing is when it’s over, it’s time to go to school. We do all kinds of stuff — crafts, science, sports, and we even put on a show! I can’t wait to go there next year!

Eddie Sides, age 9, Norristown, PA
Peter Wentz Farmstead Colonial Camp
Last year I went to summer camp at Peter Wentz Farmstead. This was my second year at camp there. Some of my friends are volunteers and they wear colonial clothing almost every day at camp.

At Peter Wentz they have cows, horses, chickens and guinea hens. They have a garden with vegetables and herbs.

When we made clay pottery plates was something I’ll never forget about camp last summer. It was cool to know the people long ago also made plates, bowls and cups using clay they found in the dirt.

After we made the plates, our counselor fired them in a kiln. The fired plates were then hard and shiny. I’ll be going back to Peter Wentz this summer and make more pottery. It’s fun to know how colonial kids lived. We had fun playing colonial games, cooking food and having a real auction.

Jamarlah Justice, age 12,Turnersville, NJ
Great Times Day Camp
My name is Jamarlah Justice. I went to a camp called Great Times Day Camp. I will never forget the time my friends Alexis, Bria and I did something called the rodeo. It was when we would get in the lake and sit on the camp’s tube and put our feet inside the tube.

Then we would sit up and swing ourselves around like we were on a mechanical bull. We had a blast. We did it all the time. It was like a tradition. I told my friends that we would do it every time we came back to camp. We are all close friends.

Alexis is moving to Florida next year and it would be sad because the tradition would not be the same. I will never replace her. While doing rodeo, we made up a song. It was crazy and did not make sense but it was not supposed to. It was something to remember each other by.

Many days go by until the day we see each other cry. I love you, Bria and Alexis. Together forever.