Getting from Here to There
September is a great month for bird watching, but some insects migrate too.

Hibernation Bears Explaining
Why do some animals like chipmunks, hibernate while others, like deer, stay active all winter?

Cold Weather Wildlife Fun
Cold weather provides the perfect opportunity to see the wildlife that remains active. .

20-Second Spring Breaks
Plenty of good can come from a break as brief as 20 seconds, particularly if you make it a 20-Second Nature Break.

3 Steps to Day Trip Fun
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Bigger, Better Butterflies!
Thanks to popular demand, the butterfly exhibit, simply called Butterflies!, has returned to the Academy of Natural Sciences museum in Philadelphia.

Nature TV & DVDs
Nature writer Jane Kirkland recommends TV shows and DVDs about — yep, nature.

Cultivating a Love of Gardening
Planting a garden can be an ongoing, memory-making activity that entices your child away from the TV and video games and into the outdoors.

Free-Wheelin’ Fun
Family bike rides are healthy adventures. Here are 7 great locations to try.

Milkweed Attracts Monarchs

Bird-Friendly Back Yards