For Party Entertainers,
Simplicity Is the Magic Word

Ask an entertainer how he would organize a birthday party and you will get sometimes-overlooked fundamentals that could make Junior’s party a smoother experience for both parent and child.

Birthday Parties on 3 Budgets
Here are birthday party ideas ranging in budget from economical to ample.

Take a Deep Breath and Plan!
How to organize a birthday party, detail-by-detail.

Charity Celebrations:
The Gift of Benevolence
Some children decide to dedicate their birthday parties to charity. The decision should not be forced on kids. The child must be in total agreement.

10 Tips for Teen Parties
Teaching your teen or tween how to plan a party and be a gracious, respectful host will give your child a strong sense of social do’s and don’ts.

In or Out? 10 Party Choices
Parties options include live entertainment at your home or party facilities offering exciting ideas. Here are examples to help you pick the right party for your child.

20 Terrific Party Ideas

Thank You Note Fun

Are Gift Requests Polite?

Age-by-Age Tips
From Party Pros

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Children at Play

Romp n’ Roll

Penelope Pony Parties

The Music Class

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