The SpecialKids annual resource directory serves parents and caregivers of children with special needs in Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania & southern New Jersey. Resources include agencies, businesses, medical facilities, organizations, professional services and schools.

SpecialKids is an annual resource directory, as well as a monthly department in MetroKids magazine, dedicated to familes of children with special needs. Here is a sampling of SpecialKids articles and resources.

Directories, Resources and Surveys

Special Needs School Survey (August 2009)
Our annual, detailed survey of independent schools serving children with special needs.

Special Needs Camp Directory (April 2008)
Article: Increasingly, Camps Focus on Specific Skills

Age 3 Transition Resources (June 2008)
Article: Age 3 Transition Tips

Parenting Ideas and Information

Put Kids Autism Sleep Issues to Rest

Special Needs Discipline

A New IDEA: Inform, Document, Enjoy, Accept (May 2009)

Accessible Toys: Buy, Make or Borrow Them (July 2005)

After-School Activity Benefits (September 2008)

Assistance Animals: Right for Your Child? (January 2008)

Assistive Technology Update (June 2006)

Early Intervention: Crucial for Development (July 2005)

Estate Planning: An Essential Protection (March 2009)

Evaluations: There's Little to Fear (May 2007)

IEP Meetings: 10 Tips (February 2008)

Job Education Begins with Basics (July 2007)

Respite: You Deserve a Break Today (April 2007)

School Inclusion: You’ve Got the Power (July 2005)

Social Skills Challenges (July 2006)

Special Needs Teachers' Advice to Parents (January 2009)

The Journey to Independence (April 2009)

Specific Disability Research and Advice

A New Special Needs Plan (June 2009)

ADHD: How To Recognize It and What To Do (November 2008)

Autism Holiday Preparation (December 2005)

Autism Research Update (May 2008)

Autism: Your Child's Journey to Independence (April 2009)

Cancer Survival Rates Soar; Research Intensifies (May 2006)

Cerebral Palsy Research Update (February 2009)

Tourette Syndrome Facts (October 2008)




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