Camp Counseling Builds Skills

Let’s Talk about Camp

Camp Preparation Tips

The Making of a Counselor

Camps Go Green

Tips for Including Your Child
When You Choose a Camp

The Camp Melting Pot

4 Choices for the Traveling Camper

Specialized Camps Offer Fun & Support

Camps Respond To Tighter Times

The Gift of Camp
Camp directors say it’s a great holiday present.

Packing for Camp
A handy checklist and tips.

Soothe 1st-Time Camp Anxiety

Camps for Tech-Savvy Kids

Ways To Reduce Summer
Camp Costs

Prayers Amid the Pine Cones

2008 Camp Trends
Camps Add New Sports, Study, and Gender-Based Activities

Camps Sharpen Focus on Food and Fitness

Brrr! Time To Think about Camp
Early planning can pay dividends.

Know What to Pack for Camp
It is almost time to get the kids ready for summer camp. That means k
nowing the right gear to pack.

Camp’s Not Just for Kids!
The number of American Camp Association-accredited camps that offer family camp sessions has more than doubled during the past 10 years.

Community Service:
A Hot Camp Trend
At camps across the country, community service projects are becoming as popular as sports, adventure, and the arts.

Risky Business: Camp Insurance
Some travel insurers now offer protection against situations that force parents to cancel summer camp commitments.

Camp Directors’ Tips for Parents
We asked a sampling of camp directors to give their top tips for parents.

Camp Websites:
An Information Bonanza
The explosive growth of the summer camp industry and the Internet’s ever-expanding capabilities have changed the ways we research the programs for our children.

Essay Winners Relate
Camp Memories
An all-night fun fest, a floating “rodeo” and firing colonial-style clay plates in a kiln — all were unforgettable summer camp experiences, say the winners in our kids’ essay contest.